Hunting for Apartments with Python: Part 2

I last left off with little code and a dream. I now have some working code and a few new ideas for how to log and store the data.

After standing in the shower for awhile this morning thinking things over I decided I was going to store the gathered data in a local SQLite database. I feel this is a better way to store the data as it can easily be accessed displayed if needed.

One of my friends also convinced me to implementing the Google Maps api to check drive times to all my work locations. It will be a lot easier to use the api than to rely on each rental site to have this functionality built. Plus I can check multiple locations instead of only one.

These additions do come with some added development and research time but I think it will be worth it in the end. I am also realizing that this project is turning more into a search engine than a form submission bot. Kinda thinking about dropping the auto submission part but time will tell.

Before I leave you to the rest of your day I want to let you in on how I am going to do these posts from now on.

These update/"real-time" posts will be part of a series of posts I will Tangents. At the end of a "Tangent" I will cap it off with a "Full Write-Up" which will contain a reflection of the Tangent as a whole, more details and go over what I learned.


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