Not Dead!

With the holidays and changes in living situations I have not had the motivation to dedicate time to finishing my write up on my apartment scraper.

Today that all changes! Not the scraper part but the motivation part! I will be making an effort to dedicate more time to creating content for this blog and will be doing a write up on Nebula, Slack's internal (and now open sourced) mesh VPN.

Nebula is the tits and I want to share my experience with it. Currently the only documentation that I can find on nebula out there is the SlackHQ Github page. There is enough to get you started but advanced configs will need some experimenting. It also doesn't help that most searches on google or DuckDuckGo either yield results for the cosmos.

So this blog is not dead yet and I hope to have more content out soon.

In the mean time, if you need a self-hosted bookmark manager check out Shiori. I use it myself and I have been really enjoying it.

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